Whitetail Hunting photo

We always get a great response–and killer entries–whenever we post a caption contest, and this round was no exception. The chance at a great (and free) shotgun sight from Cabela’s clearly brought out the best in you. So without further yammering, here are 10 captions that came oh-so-close, followed by the winner.

Here are the 10 finalists, in random order:

“The plan was coming together until Bucky jumped the spring” –SoCalBowhunter

“deer hunting after the gun ban.” –habben97

“Man, these guys from Finding Bigfoot are getting really desperate.” –NJAngler

“well this looks completely natural” –small game sportsman

“Victor Oversized Traps – Snatching the ones that keep getting away since ’85” –Arumik

“What? Again, no cheese!” –hardrocks

“You might be deer crazy if…” –sly

“You gotta use peanut butter.” –1ojolsen

“Proponents of “catch and release” try to make the crossover into the hunting market…” –davycrockettfv

“…because they kept chewing their legs off to escape the glue traps.” –Melvin Kunthuffer

And the winner, with a clever caption that surprised and amused us, was Shellcracker, who submitted this gem:

“So….THIS is what a deermouse looks like…..”

Congrats to Shellcracker, we’ll contact you soon. And thanks to everyone who entered.