There are still a couple of months before most bowhunting seasons open–plenty of time to get acquainted with a brand-new, smoking-hot bow. I’m referring to the Bowtech Experience, of course, the company’s flagship model for 2013, and the prize in our most recent buck scoring contest. Did you win it? Let’s find out. Here are the actual scores of the four bucks we had you take a stab at:

Buck #1, shot by Victoria Leslie, scored 152-2/8 inches.

Buck #2, shot by John Hernandez, scored 152 even.

Buck #3, taken by Paul Ranft, scored 141-3/8.

Buck #4, shot by Sam Coalson, scored 88-2/8.

So, the total gross score for all four bucks is 533-7/8 inches, and the winner is, Levi Banks, with a guess of 534 even.

As always, we had some amazing guesses on these vastly different bucks. Levi’s winning number was a mere 1/8 of an inch off, and we had two other guesses that missed by less than an inch!
Congrats to Levi. We’ll be contacting you soon so we can get that delivery truck heading to your house with your new bow.