Well, we threw a new format at you, and it inspired everyone to even greater heights! Excellent job on this contest, and Hurteau (who is presently chasing elk in Colorado, the putz) and I shared some great laughs during the judging process. Here are the Top Ten finalists, in no particular order.

Everybody goes nuts for a good sushi bar.
from moswald

Is this the line for the Department of Motor Vehicles or for the iPhone 6?
from mkorpal

The lines for this year’s North Pole’s Got Talent auditions are out of control.
from FlyBorchetti

Local deer joining the occupy movement in protest of more factory and less Cervidae jobs.
from Rgw3

When the municipality asked for a few bucks to improve sidewalk conditions, they didn’t realize their request would be taken literally.
from AK

Casting call for “Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2014” was swamped.
from sgtsly

Does it smell like deer crap on this street or is it just you?
from Greeley7

After Saturday’s protest, Herd leaders declared “Occupy Main Street” a rousing success, no word as of yet if the “Season Opener Delay” initiative will shoot through without committee approval.
from swiftblade13

Word of the salt truck roll-over in town spread fast.
from abrandt2479

Peaceful demonstration inadvertently bolsters support for urban deer hunting.
from dkoboldt

And the winner is this little gem, submitted by cdnhunter:

For the first time in recent history, baiting will once again be allowed for the upcoming 2013 Godzilla season.

Congrats, cdnhunter, we’ll be contacting you shortly so we can get that great Cabela’s pack headed your way!