The 2013 Badger State archery season is less than two weeks old, and bowhunters have already taken a pair of incredible bucks. While it’s no secret that Wisconsin is one of the top trophy producers in the country (the Badger State ranks first in the Pope & Young listings with 8,478 total entries; Illinois is second with 6,372), the two whitetails pictured here are truly outstanding.

Baker and his record buck.
Baker and his record buck. Unknown

Word on the street is that the huge nontypical was shot in Waukesha County and is rumored to green-score 244 inches. The hunter remains unnamed and details are few at this point. But if that score is legit, the buck could threaten the state record for nontypical bow kills, which was taken by Wayne Shumacher, who arrowed the 243-6/8-inch giant in Fond du Lac county during the 2009 season.

The second buck, a velvet-covered 10-point, was shot by Colton Coulton Seifert during the first week of the archery season. Seifert, a member of the Bluff Country Boys outdoor television show, killed the 172 177-inch typical near the town of Nelson, a known trophy hotspot in Wisconsin’s famed Buffalo County. Wisconsin’s archery season opens mid-September every year, and most bucks have been in hard antler for many days, which makes this velvet gross-Booner a truly special trophy.


We’ll bring you further details on these deer as they become available–or if you know more, please share.