Did you hear that? Was that the sound of your doorbell ringing only days from now–the sound of the deliveryman on the stoop, waiting to hand you a brand new G5 Prime Alloy compound bow? Well, lets find out. Here are the actual scores of the four bucks we had you take a stab at:

Buck #1: 135 even
Buck #2: 130 even
Buck #3 (the muley): 186 even
Buck #4: 127 even

Yes, they were all even scores. I couldn’t believe it myself, and so I double- and triple-checked that each was measured to the nearest 1/8th of an inch, as per B&C protocol. They were, and yet by sheer coincidence, they all came out as whole numbers–just another one of the strange anomalies that seem to always pop up in these contests. So what does it all mean? It means that the total gross score for all four bucks is 578 inches, and the winner is mmjohns11, with a guess of 576 5/8, just 1 3/8ths off.

As usual, we had a bunch of very close guesses, the closest of which where by huntandfish at 579 5/8 (1 5/8ths off) and hkinard12 at 576 3/8ths (also 1 5/8ths off). Guys, I wish we had a consolation prize for you. But we don’t. Maybe your sister will give you a smooch.

Congrats to mmjohns11; we will be contacting you soon so we can get that deliveryman on his way with your new bow.