Whitetail Hunting photo

Check out this amazing antler Christmas “tree” made by Caleb Stewart, my guide on a recent whitetail hunt with Gobbler N Grunt outfitters (gobblengrunt.com) in northern Nebraska. He constructed it in pretty much the same way as shown in the video below, except that animals, I suspect, were harmed (and eaten) in the making a Caleb’s version. Also, he simply wraps string lights on his.

For the “trunk,” Caleb starts with 6-inch-diameter PVC, tapering to 4-inch and then 3-inch. He screws the antlers to the pipe in the same way as shown, drilling pilot holes through the antler and the PVC and securing with screws. Then it’s plumber’s putty and the same trompe-l’oeil technique to make it all look real.

It’s a little late for you to make one this year. Of course, if you’re interested I imagine Caleb would entertain a bid of $25K for his, too. Otherwise, this tree is just for gawking, and a good excuse for Scott and I to say, Merry Christmas!