Hunting Tip: Install a Hang-On Faster and Easier by FieldandStream

If you’re still hanging stands for this season, here’s a tip that will help you get set up more quickly and safely. Otherwise, put it in your memory bank for next fall.

As I say here, the most precarious part of hanging a lock-on stand, especially a heavy one, comes when you have to hold the weight of the stand with one hand while trying to secure the strap with the other. It’s an awkward, slow, and potentially dangerous process.

The solution is to tie a loop in your pull-up rope about a foot above the stand and to install a screw-in tree step the same distance above where you want the seat of the stand at hunting height. This way, once you’ve scaled the tree, you can simply pull the stand up and hang the loop on the step, which holds the weight so you don’t have to. Now just secure the strap and you’ll be hunting is no time.