What’s that package on your front stoop? That big, rectangular cardboard box? Is that your brand new Bowtech RPM 360, the company’s 2014 flagship, their fastest bow ever, a prize worth a cool grand? Well, let’s find out.

But first, let me just say that you people are damn good. How good? We threw you nothing but curveballs in this contest; most of you are accustomed to rough-scoring whitetails, but we showed you two blacktails and two muleys (one in velvet) instead. And still, six of you guessed within a half inch of the actual total score–and one of you nailed it, right on the nose. Very impressive.

And so, speaking of the actual scores, here they are:

Buck 1: 149 6/8


Buck 2: 133 2/8


Buck 3: 161 7/8


Buck 4: 173 6/8


Which gives us a grand total of 618 5/8****, which means that big cardboard box containing Bowtech’s latest compound will be on the front stoop of one Kevin Lilley, who guessed the score exactly, to the eighth. Hoytboy, IND_NRA, SK1971, Bbrant06, Centler, who missed winning the big prize by a bow-limb’s thickness, what can I tell you: Ouch! But buck up, we’ll give you another shot soon.

Meanwhile, congrats, Kevin. We will be contacting you soon.