Specs:** 1.8″ single-pin slider; swappable .010 or .019 pin, 8.5 oz.; First, second and third axis with illuminated levels.

With the new Covert single-pin slider, Apex packed every single feature you’d want in a high-end hunting bow sight, and priced it under $150. At 8.5 oz. it’s among the lightest sliders out there. Only the Archer Xtreme Driver, so far as I know, is lighter, but that was achieved with a good bit of plastic on the housing. The Convert is solid aluminum construction throughout. Only the pin itself is plastic, much like Black Gold sights, but with the Apex you can swap in and out a .010 or .019 pin. The pin itself is clear and slides backward and forward on a small track, letting the user select a green, red or amber pin color. It’s a neat feature and may be helpful for colorblind guys needing an off-the-shelf option.

The slider dial has lots of tension and comes to a full stop at the end of the track. The tape faces back at a 45-degree angle, much like CBE’s Tek Hybrid, which I’ve found is easier to see than a flat configuration or straight back at 90-degrees. The Covert comes with more than 60 pre-printed yardage tapes. Windage clicks into place with a microadjust dial and adjustments to set your 2nd and 3rd axis. The Covert also takes Apex’s 1.87-inch Axim 2x lens.

Hits: You won’t find all these features in another bow sight without forking over more cash. That said, it doesn’t feel mid-market with a polished fit and finish. With some extended testing I wager it’ll more than hold it’s own against pricier options.

Misses: It’s hard to foresee any problems here. Theoretically, the sliding pin track that allows you to select pin color could have some lateral movement, though it feels extremely snug and snaps into place with authority. The Apex guys assure me, too, that it’s rock solid. Plus, lateral concerns are probably completely unfounded for 99 percent of us–we’ll pick our favorite pin color then lock it down for good.
What Else You Should Know:** It’s impossible to really “test” a sight at ATA. We can only go on first impressions and compare how the features stack up against other options. That said, if you’re moving from a fixed-pin to a slider this year and want a low cost of entry, but aren’t willing to sacrifice any features, or need a custom pin color without custom prices, the Apex Covert might be the sight for you.
MSRP:** $149.99;