Deer Hunting Gear: My Favorite Vest Gets Bigger and Better

If you could see my office… There are mounds, heaps, small mountains even, of outdoor clothing that I have either tested or need to test. And once these things are exposed to my personal funk, the companies naturally don't want them back, so things pile up.

As I say in the video, despite all these options, what I wear day in and day out always boils down to just handful of garments that I really, really like. It's the surest proof of what truly stands out.

One of these days I'll post a complete list of my favorites, but for now I will tell you that I am practically never without Rocky's Athletic Mobility Midweight Vest. Made with PrimaLoft insulation, its warmth-to-weight ratio, softness, and compressibility is off the charts. You've probably noticed that pretty much all of the high-performance outdoor-clothing manufacturers now offer a similar midweight top, but Rocky's was the one I first tested, several years ago, and I still wear it a ton. When I'm not wearing it, it's usually in my pack, stuffed into a small side-pouch where it takes up very little room.

Anyway, at the ATA show, I saw that Rocky now offers an improved, long-sleeve, full-zip version, with a new tougher two-ply outer material. I can't say for sure just yet. I need to let the natural progression of pulling an article from a heap, testing, and seeing if it makes it into the everyday rotation unfold. But I suspect this will be another go-to garment. (The crazy thing is that we planned for the live mannequin to shoot me in the head with the Nerf gun at the end of this video--and yet it still caught me by surprise.)