Specs: 32-inch axle-to-axle; 6-inch brace height; 3.9 pounds; 350 IBO

Last year Bear surprised us with their first pure speed bow, the 350-IBO Motive 6, which did well in our Best-of-the-Best testing–and I (as just one of four testers) thought it should have done a little better than it did. Well, the Agenda is basically the Motive with a new riser and improved cable guard and string suppressors.

Hits: Very fast and yet quite pleasant to shoot. Quiet. And Bear now makes it easier than ever to remove the rubber grip if you don’t like it. While a lot of folks felt that the Motive was ugly, the consensus at the show seemed to be that the new riser makes for a much better-looking bow. Even Danny Hinton, last year’s tester who called the Motive “the ugliest girl at the prom” says the Agenda is significantly purdier.

Misses: Nothing major. The back wall isn’t quite concrete, but it’s a fairly smooth overall shooter for a speed bow.

What Else You Should Know: If you favor smoothness over speed, you need to check out Bear’s new single-cam Venue. It’s a little over 32 inches long, 7-inch brace height, 4 pounds, and has a 330 IBO. It’s fast enough and a joy to shoot–a nice all around hunting model. One friend and colleague called it his favorite of the show.

MSRP: $899;