Specs: 31-inch axle-to-axle; 6-inch brace height; 4.4 pounds; 360 IBO

Last year, Bowtech throttled back in the IBO race to produce the smooth-shooting and very accurate (for me, at least) Experience, which won our 2013 Best of the Best Award for bows. So it was time to jump back onto the gas pedal. The RPM 360 is a speed bow with several major new technologies, the most apparent of which is the trapezoidal I-beam riser, designed to handle lots of energy with minimal torque.

Hits: Crazy fast–the fastest Bowtech has ever produced and the second fastest bow I shot at the show. Rock-solid and built to last. For so fast a bow, the valley is manageable.

Misses: I’m not crazy about the new grip. I loved the feel of the old one and am sorry to see it go.

What Else You Should Know: Bowtech also has a new, high-end carbon-riser bow, the Carbon OverDrive, so named because unlike the Carbon Knight that received a good deal of buzz in the fall, this one features the OverDrive Binary cam system. It’s the same system that was on the Destroyer, a bow I really liked. It’s just 3.3 pounds and has an IBO of 342.

MSRP: $999;