Specs: 31.75-inch axle-to-axle; 7-inch brace height; 4.3 pounds; 335 IBO

What always stands out with Elite bows in general is how pleasant they are to shoot. We absolutely gushed about last year’s Hunter in this regard. But it was slow. Too slow to rank it among the very top bows. The Energy is significantly faster at 335. The company had to update the cams and strengthen the riser to pull it off, but, based on the little bit of shooting one is able to do at ATA, pull it off they have.

Hits: Great valley and back wall. Dead in the hand. Again, a very pleasant shooting experience, and yet more speed.

Misses: It’s still not as fast as many other flagships. Some reputable folks at the show complained about the draw cycle, but I thought it was okay.

What Else You Should Know: It comes in a 35-inch version, which makes the draw cycle a bit smoother and may help long-range accuracy a bit. But for hunting, I’d get this one.

MSRP: $899: