Specs: 32-inch axle-to-axle; 6-inch brace height; 4.1 pounds; 353 IBO

Of all the bows at the show, this one surprised and impressed me most. This company debuted only a few years ago–yet another up-and-comer spearheaded by the wildly talented Kevin Strother. The 2014 ATA show was Obsession’s coming out party, and the pretty young thing, all dressed up for the occasion, is their flagship bow, the Evolution. I’ll stress again that the show floor is not a place to evaluate bows, but based only on the half a dozen shots I took, I’m not sure I’ve ever shot a bow this fast that was this pleasant to shoot. I can’t wait to shoot it for real.

Hits: An unbelievable valley for such a fast bow. It’s also seems to be pretty quiet and dead in the hand.

Misses: Nothing to speak of yet. But I’m sure I’ll find something once I get to do some in-depth testing.
What Else You Should Know:** One good way to judge which bows are generating buzz at the ATA show is to just visually measure the lines at the shooting stations. Bowtech’s was the busiest of all. They’ve been on quite a roll, and folks want to see what’s next. But the Obsession booth was a clear runner-up. This from a company most guys had never heard of.

MSRP: $899;