Specs: 32-inch axle-to-axle; 7-inch brace height; 4 pounds; 335 IBO

Like most of Strother’s recent offerings, the Vital strikes me as a heck of good all-around hunting bow. This year’s flagship has a new limb pocket designed to add strength and integrity and a new cam system. But from what I could tell, it shoots much like last year’s flagship, which a good thing. This is also a sharp-looking bow. The riser is simple and classy with a nice fit and finish.

Hits: Very nice draw cycle, good valley, decent speed, smooth shooting.

Misses: As I say in the video, there isn’t much that’s negative to say. The one at the show seemed a little louder than other bows–but that doesn’t mean much.

What Else You Should Know: The Vital I shot at the show was totally bare, whereas many other models there had stabilizers or dampeners, which, of course, could account for whatever extra noise I heard.

MSRP: $899;