In an unprecedented flood of interest, we received over 1,600 entries for the latest Whitetail 365 caption contest. Obviously the Redhead Toxik Compound Bow Package was a prize worth fighting for, and the judges (Hurteau and I) did some serious arm wrestling — interspersed with loud guffaws — before we could pick a winner.

Before we announce the new owner of the Toxik bow, we’d like to honor 10 entries that were whisker-close to bagging the prize. So here they are, in no particular order:

“They were SUPPOSED to send me a stationary target. I’m taking this back !” –gunguy102

“Doug is honing his skills for the newly instituted Illinois late-winter, Weaponless-Only season.” –Deerslayer dvm

“It’s official. Costco sells everything.” –Anthonyrohr

“Beating Tiger Woods by one stroke, Bill takes home the John Deere classic trophy.” –Maxx Smith

“Somebody called for a hedge trimmer?” –CBash

“O.K., tell me if you’ve heard this one. A guy walks into the country club with a deer under his arm…” –Cowboy9470

“The ratings battle between Golf Channel and The Outdoor Network are getting heated!” –Ryan Stull

“Really, thought I nailed my taxidermist final.” –Krazykiss

“This paleolithic diet is harder to follow than I’d thought.” –craigbrymer

“Animal control officer try outs.” –daver

And now: The winner of the Toxik Bow Package is ucjim213, who submitted this dandy:

“Worst charity tournament raffle prize–ever!”

Congrats, ucjim213. We’ll be contacting you soon so we can send you your prize.

Thanks to all who submitted entries, and to Bass Pro Shops for providing such a great prize.