It looks as though Lone Wolf Tree Stands have made their debut in Russia–via the gear bags of the U.S. Olympic ski team. While doing a morning Facebook check, I ran into this clip on the Minnesota Whitetail Alliance’s page.

While it’s clearly not the best footage in the world, I’m fairly certain that’s a Lone Wolf Alpha Hang-On.

I found it fascinating that the team has strategically placed five of these stands along the downhill course, each manned by a coach with a camera to better film the team’s skiers. No word on whether the coaches are spotting any big game from their perches.

Criticism and analysis are integral parts the Games, so here we go: I give the coaches in general high marks for ingenuity, and this particular coach earns points for wearing a safety harness. However, he gets docked on technical elements: Lone Wolf stands have a leveling system that would have brought the stand platform up significantly and improved both safety and comfort. I’m surprised he hadn’t worked these bugs out at the U.S. Trials. He should also have installed a safety line to help in his descent. But he is a downhill guy, so falling from a tree probably doesn’t scare him much as it should.

As for the television reporter, he’s wearing no safety equipment and hanging on to the stand with one hand, while using the other to run his microphone. Even if he did survive the interview, he is definitely a DQ.