That’s right, a bow. Which means this ain’t just any old caption contest–no “Write a Caption, Win a Bottle of Deer Pee ” deal. We actually asked for a bottle of deer pee, but when we did the folks at Bass Pro Shops said, “Well, sure, we could do that. But, you know, we’ve also got this awesome bow we’d like to give away to somebody. Would that work?”

Yes. Yes it would.

So, here’s your chance to win a Redhead Toxik compound bow, which is fast (320 fps), sports parallel limbs, a machined-aluminum riser, a 7-inch brace height, 80 percent let-off, and no-press draw-length adjustments. To sweeten the deal, the package also includes a five-arrow quiver, three-pin sight, Hostage capture-style rest, wrist strap, and 5-inch stabilizer. In short, one heck of a prize for just writing one little, brilliant, hilarious, better-than-everyone-elses’ caption.

Most of you know the drill. You’ve got a week to come up with a caption for the picture above. You may submit as many as you like. Next Friday, Hurteau and I will read the entries, pick a winner, and send someone the bow. Good luck.