This contest brought the best out of you WT365 readers. Popular themes revolved around health insurance, kisser buttons, arrow construction, and flatulence — staples of archery-range discussion everywhere.

Our favorite one-liners included:

“Say Aflac one more time….” – rcwhitten22

“Now, find your anchor point, and try not to ‘goose’ it.” – Mike_Grammatico

“After archery had left such a fowl taste in his mouth, little Johnny vowed never to return to summer camp.” – Sinkingrocket

“Too much fletching.” – bentoons

“Dear Mom and Dad,
Summer Camp stinks!!!” – WHOSURDAD

“Goose him again, Billy!” – Tessy_Alexander

“If you think this is weird you ought to see a Robin Hood.” – Pray-hunt-work

But the winner, by a unanimous three-judge decision, and for an unprecedented second contest in a row, was Sven_Katur with the simple yet gut-busting:


Having already won Cabela’s trail cam a few weeks ago, Sven is officially the champ to beat.

Congratulations, man. We’ll contact you shortly about prize from Hips Archery Targets.