Whitetail Hunting photo

I have followed with interest fellow blogger Chad Love’s post about the SHOT show’s employment of booth babes. I have been to a couple of SHOT shows and, of course, could not help but notice these, um…spokesmodels. In fact, my inaugural SHOT visit was my first trade show of any kind, and I was so naive I actually thought these women knew something about the products they represented! Once I realized the absurdity of this notion, I was embarrassed for both me and them!

I recently returned from a brief visit to the ATA (Archery Trade Association) show in Indianapolis, where booth babes are not widely used. Oh, you see a comely 20-something model hanging by the odd booth, but booth babes certainly do not reign over ATA like they do SHOT.

Of course this doesn’t mean that ATA is not bereft of beauty. It is, however, beauty of a different kind; women who actually hunt! The women pictured in this post are sure to attract a crowd at ATA, and it’s not just because they’re easy on the eye. Each is an accomplished huntress in her own right, star (well co-star, anyway; they share fame with their husbands) of a TV/video series, and often an intelligent spokesperson for a hunting company whose products she actually uses.

So what are your thoughts? Are these women a more evolved alternative to the booth babe?