Okay, I’ve been showing you some big sheds of late, so now its time to throw in a weird one. My cousin Scott, a central Wisconsin native and whitetail nut, found the shed pictured below. It is a three-point side of an obviously 1-1/2 year old buck, still covered in velvet. Scott found the shed in December near his home.

I’m assuming this buck suffered an injury while in velvet and the testosterone that would have halted velvet growth and allowed him to reach hard antler just, well, stopped flowing. I do find it interesting that he held the fuzz throughout the fall and then shed the antler like a healthy (normal?) buck would.

Anyone had a similar experience? Seen a buck packing velvet long past the norm? Have you found a velvet-covered shed? Scott said when he brought this shed inside, the antler started to bleed, so he stuck it in his deep freeze to preserve the velvet. Interesting stuff!