From the Charlotte Observer:

_The perennial divide on Sunday hunting not only pits hunters against bicyclists and hikers in the wilderness – but against one another.

_This ongoing debate was renewed last week, when the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission opened up private land to bowhunting on Sunday starting in the coming fall and winter season.
State Sen. Julia Boseman, a Wilmington Democrat, sponsored the bill to completely remove the Sunday hunting ban.

“It’s just an archaic law that needs to be repealed,” she said.

When it comes to allowing gun hunting on Sundays, however, a hunter quoted in the above article says, “It’s disrespectful to the people who are at church,” and hikers, bikers, and birdwatchers say that if Sunday gun hunting were allowed on public lands, they’d be squeezed out of the woods during that time.

So, is private-land bowhunting a good compromise–or not?