Photos like the one above–which landed in my inbox the other day–always make me curious. Scratch that. They make me suspicious. I am instinctually skeptical of any web-based pic that has the adjective “amazing” found anywhere in the accompanying text. The Photoshop skills of some folks can turn the most mundane image into Better-than-Enquirer material.

Of course I do not discount the cougar as a deer predator. Nor do I doubt the capabilities of trail cameras, which I know capture some pretty rare critters doing amazing things (more on that topic later in the week). And I want to believe that someone, somewhere out there, just lucked into a once-in-a-lifetime shot and was happy to share it with the world.

But to capture a mountain lion lurking scant inches from the rear-end of an unaware deer? I want to believe it…but every time I convince myself this is legit, tiny little alarm bells start jingling in my head. So what are your thoughts? Am I being too danged cautious about this Nature documentary moment, or am I right to cry foul? Anxious to hear your responses!