This week, a couple of Wild Chef readers have submitted some tasty takes for Food Photo Friday.

First, reader Levi Banks sent in his St. Patrick’s Day feast of Corned Venison.


“The recipe for my brine was a combination of your goose breast recipe, Alton Brown’s corned beef, and Hank Shaw’s corned venison. I brined it all week then put it in the crock-pot on low with one yellow onion and covered the meat with water. When I got home from work I threw in the new potatoes, baby carrots, and some sliced cabbage and turned it up to high for about an hour. It was delicious!”

Every time Wild Chef reader Dan S. sends in a food photo, I get instantly hungry. This week he pan-seared a venison tri-tip drenched with a shallot, mushroom, and red wine pan sauce topped with Gorgonzola and served with a wild rice pilaf.


Thanks Levi and Dan for your photos. We always welcome good pics of great wild dishes at