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When I ran into my friend Steve McGrath at the SHOT Show back in January, he had a grin on his face that meant something was up. McGrath, marketing manager for Camp Chef, is the master of all thing propane, especially when it comes to outdoor cooking. Kind of like Hank Hill.


“I’ve got something for you,” said McGrath, before disappearing behind a curtain. When he came back, he was holding a bottle of hot sauce, but that grin of his told me to look a little closer at the label, which featured two curvy women and the words Grill on Grill Sauce. “We made those up just for the show,” said McGrath. “Give it a taste, but careful it’s kind of spicy.”

After a little taste test, I have to agree Grill On Grill Sauce is as hot as you imagine it would be, with a nice fiery kick of habañero and cayenne. It’s also another addition to a long line of colorfully named sauces. From Dave’s Insanity Sauce to The Source, hot sauces have no equal in the food kingdom when it comes to creative naming.

I have to say, Grill on Grill Sauce is my current favorite, mostly because it doesn’t follow the typically naming trend of dabbling in the gastrointestinal effects of hot sauce. Some of the more PG-rated names of sauces sold at the online sauce purveyor Hot Sauce World include Lord of the Wings, Bull Snort, and Toad Sweat. After that, it goes down hill fast.

So what are some of your favorite hot sauce names? Or do you have a homemade sauce with a special name you’d care to share? (And please, keep things clean.)