April is going to be a good month here at the Wild Chef. For starters, spring fishing season has arrived–which means good times on the water and, with a little luck, good meals at the table. Also, because we’ve got some killer prizes lined up: Four FoodSaver vacuum-sealers.


We told you it’s going to be a good month.

Every week this month, we’ll be giving away a GameSaver Silver Vacuum Sealing System (worth $200). If you’ve never used a vacuum-sealer, you’re missing out. It’s freezer burn’s worst enemy, preserving fish and game five times longer than traditional storage methods. And the GameSaver is a machine–built for heavy-duty, repetitive use, it can easily handle all of your fresh fillets this season. And then some.

I snuck out to fish for the first time last Friday and managed just one measly stocker rainbow, but he was just the right size to fit in my cast-iron pan with just enough room for some fried potatoes alongside. The little trout was also the first time I have attempted a neat little trick I learned from Julie Smoragiewicz of the Dakota Thyme cooking blog.

This past winter, Julie cooked a great dinner for a group of us who were ice-fishing in the Black Hills, including in her menu a fat splake Steve Quinn had caught earlier in the day at Deerfield Lake. After pan frying the trout, Julie removed the bones by lifting the fish’s tail and carefully peeling the meat off the backbone, repeating the feat on the opposite side and leaving us with two perfect cooked, boneless fillets. Check out this video to see how it’s done.


That’s my best fish-cooking tip. What’s yours?

Pretty much any tip or trick you rely on that happens in between the time you put the fish in the box until it goes in your belly is fair game–from an unexpected way to fillet a flounder to a secret pickled pike recipe.

Post your tip in the comments section by 12 p.m. (EST) on Friday, April 8, and we’ll announce the winner next Monday. Which is also when we’ll start the next FoodSaver giveaway.

Good luck!