This week, we have a couple of turkey hunters battling each other for a great prize courtesy of Coleman. Wild Chef readers Robert Millage and Dustin Brown each submitted photos from their recent turkey hunts and whoever you pick as the best, tastiest-looking picture will get a Coleman PerfectFlow Portable Grill.
Robert Millage’s Chicken With Ginger and Red Pepper**



Dustin Brown’s Down Under Wild Turkey Burger


First up, Idaho’s Robert Millage who didn’t let Mother Nature totally drown out his recent attempt to go turkey hunting:

“While out Turkey hunting and camping this past weekend we were hit with a 6 hour downpour of rain. Did we pack up and go home? No. We cooked dinner by heating some food we’d prepared ahead of time on the dashboard of the Toyota FJ. Chicken, cooked with ginger and red pepper with a Spicy Teriyaki dipping sauce and Rice with portobello mushrooms on the side. A feast fit for a king. Then we also set the laptop on the dash, plugged it into the stereo, and kicked back for dinner and a movie. Mother Nature 0, us 1.”

Dustin Brown celebrated a successful turkey season in Missouri with this unique dish inspired by a recent trip to Australia:

“The Down Under Wild Turkey Burger. Freshly ground wild turkey burger gratuitously spiced with a homemade spicy poultry seasoning, grilled, and topped with Swiss cheese, along with caramelized red onion and pineapple, thick-cut peppered bacon, fried egg, and homemade BBQ sauce on a whole wheat kaiser bun. Served alongside baked curry and pumpkin pie spiced sweet potato fries and a hoppy Big Sky IPA.”

I know which one gets my vote, but it’s up to you to decide who gets to take up the Coleman PerfectFlow Portable Grill.

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