Last week’s inaugural Food Fight Friday, which pitted my bluegill chowder against a root beer duck breast from my editor, Colin Kearns, looked to be a runaway win for Colin. Let me tell you, he wasn’t shy about letting me know it either. However, after all his friends and family got done stuffing the ballot box, my chowder closed the gap as the faithful readers cast their votes over the weekend. Still, it wasn’t quite enough to put me over the top, and I concede to Colin’s duck dish, which I admit looks and sounds dang good.

Grilled Miso-Marinated Crappie and Perch


**Vs. **

Stuffed Venison Loin With Mixed Vegetables


Colin cashed in his chips after winning that hand and put Field & Stream copy chief, Donna Ng, in the ring with me this week. She submitted a great looking picture of mouth-watering miso-marinated crappie and perch. Because she fixes all my mistakes and makes me look much smarter than I really am, I’m inclined to let her win, but I just can’t do it. So, instead of going head to head with another Lent-worthy fish dish, I pulled out the big guns: stuffed whitetail loin with summer vegetables.

So, cast your vote as to which dish you’d most like to tuck into. And don’t forget to submit your food photos, which we’ll put up against a competitor for a chance to win some great prizes. Just e-mail them to