First off, congratulations to Field & Stream copy chief, Donna Ng, for winning last week’s Food Fight Friday. Her miso perch and crappie dish put a licking on my stuffed whitetail loin, despite the fact that readers who took the time to leave a comment preferred the venison dish. Now, I’m a good enough sport to concede defeat gracefully, but I suspect some shenanigans going on in the New York offices.

I promise no shenanigans in this week’s battle, which pitches me against Wild Chef reader, and frequent Food Photo Friday contributor, Dan. He always sends in great looking pictures of some amazing food, and this week is no different. To do it justice, I’ll let Dan describe what he’s been cooking up lately.

Venison Spedies



Smoked Elk Backstrap**


“Venison spedies with salt potatoes, vegetable kebabs and grilled sourdough bread. I know that the ‘spedie purist’ will disagree with the use of venison and sourdough as apposed to pork and Italian bread, but it was dang good!”

I have to admit it looks dang good and I probably should go ahead and declare Dan the winner. But, I won’t go down without a fight, so here’s a picture of one of my favorite things: smoked elk backstrap, paired here with a spoon full of venison ragu over spaghetti squash.

No matter which way the vote goes, Dan is already the winner. For sending in a food photo for the fight, we’re giving him a copy of Wild Abundance, a great new wild-game cookbook. If you think you’ve got what it takes to win an upcoming Food Fight Friday, send your pictures to