Food Photo Friday was nice while it lasted. We’re not sure about you, but there were many photos (more than a few of which came from you, the readers) that made our stomachs growl. But, all good things come to an end, right? So, on that note, we’re saying goodbye to one Wild Chef regular, and introducing another:

Behold, Food Fight Friday.

Bluegill Chowder



Root Beer Glazed Duck Breast


Here’s how it works: Every Friday we’ll post at least two photographs of fish and/or wild game. Then we’ll leave up it to you to vote for your favorite. Whichever photo looks more delicious, more mouth-watering–whichever one makes you say, “Damn, I want to eat that now!”–vote for that shot in the poll at the bottom of the post.

For this first Food Fight, Mr. Draper and I will be slugging out. He’s responsible for the bluegill chowda; I grilled the duck breast.

But Draper and I won’t always be the ones fighting. We want to showcase your meals. And just in case top-chef bragging rights aren’t enough incentive, we’ll be giving away a prize to the winner of each reader edition of Food Fight Friday–starting with the very excellent (and beautiful) cookbook Wild Abundance.

So, get cooking and send your food shots to

In the meantime, please help Draper and I settle this score by voting below. ****