Whitetail Hunting photo

We’re down to our fourth and final FoodSaver GamerSaver vacuum-sealer to give away. (I know what you’re probably thinking: Who won last week’s contest? I’m still reviewing the entries, but rest assured: I’ll make my decision very soon. Much thanks to FoodSaver for providing a month’s worth of prizes.


Now, onto the challenge.

In the photo here is the meat (frozen in FoodSaver-sealed bags, of course!) from the whitetail buck I shot last fall. I’m not looking for venison recipes or cooking tips here. Instead, I’m looking for your best guess about the following:

The date I shot the deer (Hint: It was after Halloween.)
The state where I was hunting (Hint: I was east of the Mississippi River.)
Tiebreaker: The number of points on the buck’s rack (Hint: Boone & Crocket won’t be calling me any time soon.)

That’s it. All you have to do is guess a date, a state, and a number. Simple enough, right?

The tiebreaker will only come into play in one of two scenarios: A) If more than one person guesses correctly on both the date and state, the person who is closest to the number of antler points without going over wins. B) If no one gets both right, but more than one person guesses correctly on either the date or state, the person who is closet to the number of antler points without going over wins. Only one guess per person here, so make yours count.

Finally, in the event that I stump all of you, I’ll put everyone’s name in a hat (a very large hat, I imagine) and will ask a third party to draw a winner.

The contest ends at 11 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, May 1. We’ll announce the winner next week. Good luck!