FoodSaver Contest, Week Three: What's the Angler's Perfect Packed Lunch?

I'm planning a day of trout fishing, and I need your help. Not with the where-to-go or the what-fly-to-fish (although, I'm always open to tips). I need help with the what-to-eat.

So, what should I pack for lunch?

Before you start planning a menu, I'll tell you a bit about my plans--and my tastes: Next week, I'll be flyfishing for trout on one of my favorite streams back home in Missouri. I'll be on the water early--7 a.m. at the latest--and will fish all day. Around noon, I'll look for a stump streamside where I'll break for lunch. Afterward, I'll probably take a short nap in the shade. As for the lunch, I don't want anything that I'll have to cook or anything that'll weigh a ton in my pack (i.e. no coolers). What I do want is something that will fuel me up for the rest of the afternoon and taste good. I'm OK with vegetables, but I'm more than OK with fresh fruit. I dig chips--all kinds--and I love sandwiches. Also, I've never been one to turn down dessert.

There you go. I'm counting on you to recommend the perfect packed lunch--something that'll make a good morning's fishing even better…or give me something to look forward to after a lousy bite. Whoever suggests the most appetizing menu will win a new FoodSaver GameSaver vacuum-sealer.

Deadline for all entries is 11 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, April 24. I'll announce the winner the following morning. Good luck--and thanks for your help.