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In case you missed last Monday’s post, we’re giving away a FoodSaver GameSaver Silver Vacuum Sealing System every week this month. If you’ve been reading the Wild Chef blog for awhile, you know we love our vacuum sealers and tout them as the best way to preserve your fish and game from freezer burn. Last week’s winner of the GameSaver was Wild Chef reader njschneider who posted a fun tip for cooking salmon in the dishwasher.


For this week’s contest, I want to hear about the best fish or seafood meal you’ve ever eaten. No need to get long-winded; just give us a short description of what you had and what made it so memorable.

Last November, I wrote about one of my most memorable meals–a fresh elk backstrap enjoyed with friend in a high mountain meadow. But when it comes to fish or seafood, probably the best thing I ever ate was a plate of black squid risotto I enjoyed on boar hunt in Croatia. This dark, creamy dish was so amazing, that my girlfriend and I still talk about it two years later. We both agree we’d go back to that beautiful country in a heartbeat just for the risotto. Of course, the wonderful people and amazing landscape are worth the long flight as well.

How about you? What’s the best fish or seafood meal you’ve ever experienced? Post your answer in the comments section by 12 p.m. (EST) on Friday, April 15, and we’ll announce the winner next Monday. Good luck!