Coming off my first Food Fight Friday victory I’m tempted to do the Super Bowl Shuffle, wave my hand in front of my face or re-enact whatever taunt is in vogue among so-called professional athletes this year.

Venison Chorizo Beans



Spicy Venison Stir Fry over Noodles**


Instead, I’ll subscribe to the advice attributed to every great coach and act like I’ve been here before, even if I haven’t. I would like to point out, however, that Colin’s brother voted for my catfish.

This week, Colin and I go head to head again in two tasty-looking venison dishes. I’m kicking off summer with my go-to picnic dish: venison chorizo beans. Colin serves up an Asian-inspired venison stir fry. I predict an epic battle, but hope Wild Chef readers, and Colin’s family members, will see fit to let me repeat the feat and keep the title out here on the farm.

And remember, we’d love to feature your food photos here so send them in to and we’ll put the best ones up for vote in future Friday Food Fights.