As much as I love my cookbooks, I will admit the Interwebs is a pretty handy place when it comes to finding a good recipe and it looks like it’s just going to get better, at least according to this story from The New York Times:
_The year has brought a rush of new recipe search engines designed to solve such quandaries. In February, Google introduced a tool called Recipe View that lets you specify ingredients you do or do not want to use. (For example, a general search for “chili” can be refined — by, say, a Texas-chili purist in Austin — to exclude any recipe that calls for beans.) Microsoft’s Bing browser has had its own recipe function for more than a year, and allows you to search within a single source, like a blog.

A few weeks before Google’s new tool was introduced, Foodily went live, with all results integrated with Facebook so that you can see which recipes your friends say they like. A new, photo-heavy site, Cookzillas, the brainchild of a passionate cook in Bucharest, Romania, who happens to be a multimedia programmer, has more global recommendations than the United States-based engines, with English, Australian and Canadian sites in its scope._

I have a few favorite sites, most of which aren’t directly related to wild game (with the exception of Hank Shaw’s beyond-excellent blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, which begs the question, are there any good recipe sites out there for the hunter or angler?