Far be it from me to question the editorial staff of this fine publication, but I need to point out an egregious error on page 51 of the June issue of Field & Stream. The illustration accompanying John Merwin’s sidebar relating the perfect post-fishing cocktail – a gin and tonic, pictures a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Anyone who knows John Merwin knows he prefers Beefeater, or in a pinch, Tanqueray.

Personally, I’m a Sapphire man myself. The secret recipe of herbs and spices makes for a fine martini, though Merwin would beg to differ. We do agree on the perfect summer cocktail and though I wouldn’t admit it to him, Tanqueray does make a better G’n’T. Something about the Sapphire doesn’t quite jive with the quinine.

I mix mine about 1:1 gin to tonic, with a healthy squeeze of lime. You have to have real lime too, not some sort of liquid from a plastic lime. We’re not savages here, are we? If you’re new to gin and tonic, you might want to pair that down to one part gin to two parts tonic. Pour over ice into a tall, thin glass, or if you’re so inclined, a pint-size Atlas or Bell jar and enjoy.

How about you? What cools you down after a hot, summer day? I do love a crisp, cold Miller High Life when I’m mowing the lawn. And I’ve been known to drink my weight in (non-sweet) tea brewed on the front step in a gallon jar. Or what about fresh squeezed lemonade? That’s hard to beat.