Do me a favor and stop reading this blog right now. Stop reading it and go downstairs, out to the garage or wherever it is you keep your deep freeze. Check to make sure it is running and everything inside is frozen solid. Do this and save yourself from the heartbreak I encountered today.


What you see in the picture is about 150 pounds of rotten game meat, made up almost exclusively of last season’s Montana mule deer and my girlfriend’s Nebraska cow elk. At some point in the last 10 days or so, my second deep-freeze, the one I keep in the tank house, quit working. I discovered it just this morning, when I went to retrieve some meat for a belated Father’s Day party. In the bottom of the freezer was about half of an inch of blood and all the meat inside was completely thawed and showing signs of rot. At first, I talked myself into believing it was salvageable, but the overpowering smell and the near-instant arrival of a swarm of flies told me otherwise. With a bitter heart and a lump in my throat, I threw it all away.

So, do yourself a favor and make it a habit to check your deep freeze regularly. This one had been working just two weeks ago, but since it’s my secondary deep freeze, I hadn’t checked it since and you can see the result. Don’t let this happen to you.