Deeter and I have been traveling quite a bit the past couple weeks. Once to Oregon to check out the Gloomis factory and most recently to Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan. Both trips required copious amounts rods, reels, waders and warm clothes. Not to mention pounds of camera gear that needed to get stuffed somewhere.


Both trips I took my old standby rolling duffel from fishpond pictured above. I’ve had this bag for at least six or seven years. It’s been on numerous photo-shoots as well as fishing trips and at last count had been to nearly ten countries and dozens of domestic trips in between. Quite simply I’ve beat the crap out of it. It’s been in planes, helicopters, on jet boats and even the side of a horse. It’s been lost for days in foreign airports and left out in the snow and rain.

It’s definitely starting to show signs of wear, but I have never once had to replace a buckle, strap, pocket, zipper or wheel. One strap did get ripped off by an unnamed individual who borrowed it when he traveled to Cuba, but it’s no worse for wear even with that missing. It’s easily the most durable piece of fishing luggage I’ve ever used.

Features include a separate bottom compartment that’s vented for wet wader and boot storage, is long enough to stash multiple four piece rods, has a retractable handle and wheels on the bottom for easy maneuvering. It also has multitudes of pockets – inside and out for compartmentalizing all of your fishing gear.

The only drawback I can find with it is the size. It tricks you into bringing more than you need, just because there’s room to spare – which can be a pricey proposition when checking in for your flight. So if you’re looking for some new fishing luggage and travel with tons of gear I would take a hard look at anything in the fishpond line – just remember you probably don’t need that fourth back-up rod…