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Fresh off our Father’s Day grill-a-thon, its’ time to talk about burgers.

Venison burgers, that is.


Though I’ve been a bit too busy so far this year, I usually take a day to make up a bunch of burger patties to last me through the summer. Using my handy-dandy patty press and a stack of waxed paper, I set up a ground meat assembly line to create a meat-tub full of perfectly formed patties ready for the freezer. That way, whether I’m cooking solo or for a group of friends, I can have burgers ready in no time flat, with little-to-no prep time.

Before I dive into this year’s patty project, I wanted to get your input. Typically, I just make plain old venison burgers, with maybe a little bit of pork fat mixed in. But I know a lot of people out there add all kinds of things to their hamburgers, from diced green chilis to grated cheddar cheese. I may add a touch of Worcestershire, but that’s about as crazy as I get.

Can you help me elevate my grilling game with some great hamburger mix-in suggestions? What’s your favorite ingredient for delicious wild-game hamburgers? Any tips for keeping them moist? Give me you best burger recipe.