I think I’ve mentioned before that it took me until adulthood to really warm up to the flavor of fish. And although I do like it now, I don’t eat fish nearly as often as I probably could or should. Whether that’s from bad childhood memories of eating fish sticks drowned in lemon juice or just a product of a freezer full of venison and waterfowl that leave little room for fish, I don’t know.


I do know, however, that I have had a few memorable fish dishes in my life. The tops being my first fish taco that I wrote about last week. I also had an incredible trout plucked from the headwaters of Croatia’s Gacka River, stuffed with bacon-wrapped prunes and pan fried. Served with fried potatoes and a bottle of Malvazija, it was memorable not just for the location and company, but because also for the fresh flavor that was like nothing I’ve eaten before or since.

Last week, I waded into the heart of hippie-dom with a trip to Boulder, Colo., where my girlfriend T. Rebel and I ate dinner at the locally famous Jax Fish House. After slurping just enough fresh Barcat oysters to stimulate my appetite, I made a meal out of crispy-skinned Colorado striper that wasn’t too bad. T. Rebel’s Columbia River steelhead was even better. And her calamari with mango-chili mojo and lime aioli was out of this world. I would go back just for that, and more oysters of course.

So, what’s the best fish you ever ate? Was it a trout cooked streamside or something served in a more elegant environment. I want to hear about your experiences to spur me on my search for the best fish ever.