Maybe bad luck is to blame for my first Food Fight loss a few weeks back. After all, it did go down on Friday the 13th. Or maybe, just maybe, I lost because my wild turkey sandwich just didn’t stack up to David Draper’s blackened catfish.

Crab and Wild Duck Andouille Po’Boy



Crock Pot BBQ Venison on Texas Toast**


Yeah, maybe that would begin to explain how he scored a whopping 66 percent of the votes–including one from my big brother, Brian.

“How dare you vote for the catfish!” I wrote him in a text after I found out.

“Sorry buddy,” he wrote back. “I liked your sides better, but I love catfish.”

Fair enough. I mean, who doesn’t love catfish?

Still, because we’re brothers and because it’s expected, I continued to give Brian trouble for his treason and even extended a challenge to face off in a Food Fight. A challenge he gladly accepted last week. Here’s what he made:

A soft-shell crab and wild duck andouille Po’ Boy, garnished with an heirloom tomato and coleslaw, on a toasted hoagie roll. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, he added a side of sweet potato fries and remoulade sauce.

I should add that not only did Brian make the andouille, but he also shot the ducks on a hunt in Arkansas last winter. I should also add that Brian is a professional chef–and a damn good one. Years ago, for Christmas, he invited my wife and I to his restaurant and prepared for us an off-the-menu, five-course dinner. No meal I’ve had since has matched it. Before and after that meal he’s inspired me in the way only a big brother can: Thanks to Brian, I appreciate food more than I ever did growing up. Thanks to Brian, I love to cook–for myself, but especially for others. Thanks to Brian, I now have a hell of a challenge on my hands with this Food Fight.

So, last weekend when I opened my freezer, I took the easy, obvious choice: venison. I slow-cooked a roast, with onions and BBQ sauce, in the Crock Pot and served it on Texas toast with fried onion strings.

Now it’s time to vote. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.