It seems like Wild Chef readers can’t get enough of deer steaks on the grill this summer. To prove it we’ve got a head-to-head battle this week between two past Food Fight Friday competitors and faithful fans of the blog.

Grilled Venison Top Round Steaks with Chimichurri



Bacon-Wrapped Marinated Deer Steaks**


First, frequent photo contributor Dan S. sent in what I think is the one of the best venison steak pictures we’ve seen yet. His photo of grilled venison top round steaks with chimichurri, grilled corn and red potatoes makes me want to lick my computer screen. If Dan keeps sending shots like these, he’s going to end up with a lot of uninvited guest at house next time he grills out.

Reader Robert Millage used the Coleman Perfect Flow Portable Grill he won back in April to grill up some bacon wrapped and marinated deer steak. He also reported that “the stove works great, nice even heat, and few flare ups thanks to the drain system.” It’s a lucky camper who ends up pitching a tent next to Robert this summer, as I’m sure he’d be happy to share some of that delicious looking steak.

So pick your favorite food pic and, if you think you can compete with these guys, send us your great grilling or other fish and game food photos to