When it comes to grilling, there are few things that foster fear like fish. Cooking fish well can be challenging indoors, and when you enter the variable nature of a hot fire into the equation, even the most experience backyard barbequer can go weak in the knees. The delicate nature of fish fillets, or even a whole fish, can cause a grilling disaster if it sticks to the grate or falls apart when you try to flip it.


I’ve heard all kinds of way to make grilling fish easier, including wrapping it in wet newspaper before you lay it on the flame. I don’t know about that one, but here are a few tips I’ve used to avert a fish and flame disaster.

  1. Skip the newspaper and wrap your fish in grape leaves that have been soaked in water for a bit.

  2. Using an oil-soaked paper towel and a pair of tongs, liberally lube up your grill’s grate to keep fish from sticking.

  3. Better yet, lay down a layer of sliced lemons or onion and cook your fish on top of them for a non-stick flavor-infusion.

  4. When you go to flip your fish, put one spatula on top and slide another underneath to keep your fillets from falling apart.

  5. Get a fish basket. There are all kind of shapes and styles out there, but the flat, rectangular ones are the most versatile.

What other ways are there to grill fish? Any secret tips or tricks a guy should know about?