It may only be August, but for a very lucky few, hunting seasons have already started. A week ago Monday, archery antelope season opened in Wyoming and I found myself about 10 feet up a windmill in Unit 26. At 7:20 a.m., a buck with wide, heavy, forward-leaning horns came in for a drink and seconds later left in a hurry with my arrow all but through him. He only made it 20 yards before piling up. So, for the first time ever, I’m enjoying fresh antelope before Labor Day.

Seared Antelope Medallions Over Rice Pilaf



Antelope Fajitas**


To celebrate, I pulled the tenderloins, cut them in medallions and pan seared them in a hot skillet, which was then deglazed with a splash or two of red wine, and served over jalapeno-garlic rice pilaf.

Sticking with the antelope theme, here’s a photo of what is an easy mealtime standby at my house: anything wrapped in a tortilla. In this case, we’ll call them antelope fajitas, with a smudge of refried beans blurring the line into a burrito.

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