This week’s Food Fight Friday challenge is no challenge at all, at least in my opinion. It’s hard to compete with fresh veggies and Maine lobster when all I’m getting from my garden is lots of cucumbers (Note: expect to see lots of pickle pictures in the near future.). But I’ll give it a try.

Fresh Lobster and Veggies Over Pasta



Braised Goose Legs**


First up is a photo from Wild Chef reader and frequent photo contributor Mike Duni. You might remember Mike from the photo gallery we ran back in March, which showcased his cooking skills. Mike lives in Maine where he has access to fresh lobster, which he recently cooked up with some summer veggies, including zucchini, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and green beans for a great looking lobster scampi over angel hair pasta. Dressed with a little Romano cheese, it looks to die for.

My excuse for not putting up stiffer competition is that it’s been too hot to cook recently and frankly I get pretty lazy in the summer when it comes to cooking. I did find a package of goose legs when I was doing my annual pre-season freezer clean-out.

Lots of you guys breast your birds, but let me tell you, goose legs are great for braising. After you pull them from the oven, you can eat them as is, or shred them and use the meat for any number of great dishes from barbecue sliders to burritos. So, here’s a pic of braised goose legs fresh from the oven. It’s not lobster, but then, I live in Nebraska so the tasty crustacean is hard to come by out here.

Mike gets my vote this week, but maybe a few of you will take pity on me and cast your vote my way. If you have a shot you’d like to send for Food Fight Friday, e-mail it to

Editor’s Note: Hey gang. This is Colin, and I’m here to announce the results from last week’s Food Fight. The steak and prawns won the fight by a landslide, but I’m sure the results you’re all more curious about have to do with the prize–a of 50th Anniversary Four-Piece BBQ Tool Set from Cabela’s.

After the random drawing, the winner is…

Arlo269! Congrats. Please email your address to, and I’ll have the prize delivered. And thanks to all who entered.