Whitetail Hunting photo

There might be better ways to spend a 90-degree August day, but for my money, 14 hours in an antelope blind is well worth the sit. The sweat lodge-like experience does take some stamina, however, as well as a stocked backpack. In addition to a thick book (or a fully charged iPhone loaded with Angry Birds), you’ll need lots of water and enough food to keep the hunger pangs at bay.


This past week, I was lucky enough to tag a nice buck early on opening day. However, to get the full antelope hunt experience, I picked up a $34 doe tag (the best deal in the west) the next day and did my time in the hot box.

I had a corned beef sandwich, which I ate in about the first five minutes and then snacked on goose jerky and melted chocolate bars for the rest of the day. I also always carry a couple of Cliff Bars in my pack for just-in-case purposes. I can say I never got hungry enough to break into them, but it was getting iffy there towards the end.

Jerky, whether it’s goose or something more domesticated, is a staple in hunter’s backpacks, but I’m wondering what other food people take with them to the blind or stand. Any must-have snacks I’m missing out on?