A few Fridays ago, I had some friends out for an end-of-summer bonfire. We threw some antelope and caribou steaks on the grill, along with a batch of potatoes and some summer squash and mushroom kebabs. What didn’t get eaten that night went into a killer batch of hash the next morning. Topped with a fried egg and washed down with a Miller High Life Brass Monkey style (a.k.a. beer and orange juice).
Antelope & Caribou Hash with Eggs Breakfast**



Bacon-Wrappen Venison Medallion Dinner**


Whenever an email from Wild Chef reader Dan shows up in our inbox, we know we’re in for a treat. And he doesn’t disappoint this week. Here he serves up a mouthwatering dinner of grilled bacon-wrapped venison medallions, topped with a rosemary lemon compound butter, and served with basmati rice pilaf and grilled acorn squash with a maple and sage glaze.

So pick your favorite:

David’s morning-after breakfast.

Dan’s delicious dinner.

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