October starts tomorrow and that means pumpkins are going to start showing up everywhere from the local market to your neighbor’s front step–if they haven’t already. But there’s more to pumpkins than just jack o’lanterns and pie on Thanksgiving. They’re also great as an ingredient in any number of savory autumn dishes, including these two picked from the pages of Field & Stream.

Venison Backstrap with Pumpkin and Prunes



Venison Pumpkin Curry**


David’s Backstrap with Pumpkin and Prunes: I adapted this dish from Terrance Brennan’s recipe that appeared in the America’s Meat feature from the December 2009-January 2010 issue. It’s an incredibly easy dish to make, pan-searing a chateaubriand-sized chunk of venison backstrap and pairing it with diced pumpkin and chopped prunes with an Armagnac glaze.

Colin’s Venison Pumpkin Curry: This recipe comes from, in my opinion, the best magazine food columnist around–_Field & Stream’_s Jonathan Miles. A couple years ago, he wrote a recipe for venison pumpkin curry, and I’ve been meaning to try it ever since. I cooked it last Sunday, and I’ve been enjoying for lunch all week. It’s an easy dish to make–and it leaves your kitchen smelling wonderful for days.

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