Looking back at the history of Food Fight Friday, I see most of the photos featured are of full meals (with one dessert throw in for good measure). While it’s true much of our fish and game goes toward supper, sometimes just a simple snack is in order. So this week, we’re going to feature a couple of quick bites–things to be enjoyed in the field or on the front porch, watching the last days of summer go by.

Draper’s Goose Jerky: Don’t be fooled–the plate is for photo purposes only. I typically eat the jerky, made from Canada goose breasts, straight from the bag. And always (unless I’m hunting) washed down with cold High Life.




Colin’s Pickled Halibut:** I cannot take credit for this recipe. Jonathan Miles, who writes the Wild Chef column in the magazine each month, perfected this pickling solution for the May 2011 issue. His recipe called for pike, but my freezer is free of northerns. I do have plenty of halibut, though, and I pickled a pound of that. This jar lasted me two days, or in food terms, two sleeves of Ritz crackers and three cold beers.

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