A good, hearty breakfast is the perfect way to get your day underway, whether you plan to fish, hunt, or just kick back to watch college football. In honor of the “most important meal of the day,” Colin and I are going to have a little breakfast battle. Behold…

Breakfast Burritos


Biscuits and Gravy with Fried Eggs**


David’s Breakfast Burritos: A near-daily staple in the Draper household, the breakfast burrito can take many forms. The only requirement is the final product be wrapped in a tortilla. For this picture, I fried up four slices of bacon, added diced baked potato from the night before, then removed the whole thing from heat and poured in three fresh-that-day eggs with just a hint of cream added. After a slow-cooked scramble, it all went into a flour tortilla that was then topped with green chile and cheese, broiled, and served with sour cream and heirloom tomatoes.

Colin’s Biscuits and Gravy with Fried Eggs: Last month, I spent two days fishing the Deschutes River for steelhead. I’d never been to Oregon before, and, man, do they know how to fish there. We fished 12 miles. Camped. Then fished another 12 miles. But before Day Two began, we fueled up with a monumental meal of biscuits and gravy with over-easy eggs on top. It paid off, too. About an hour later I landed a 10-pound steelhead. Now that’s a Breakfast of Champions. Pick your favorite way to kick-start the day and vote below. And don’t forget to send your favorite food pics to